Content Strategist for

Fully responsible for planning, writing, editing, and promoting a topic section of one of the largest online publishers,

As a freelancer, I am responsible for creating and maintaining an entire topic section, Contests & Sweepstakes, from scratch to build a comprehensive guide to the subject. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Researching topics of interest to my readership.
  • Building and maintaining an active community.
  • Writing all articles.
  • Using reader-focused SEO skills to ensure that the articles are easily found in search engines.
  • Copy editing and proofreading all articles.
  • Promoting the articles through social media, interviews, and other methods.
  • Writing a highly successful weekly newsletter.
  • Writing and maintaining a popular topic-focused blog.
  • Creating and maintaining the most-visited forum on the network of up to 1,000 topic sections.
  • Analyzing metrics to uncover holes in content, poorly-performing pieces, and other areas of improvement.
  • Updating the articles to keep them relevant and interesting over time.

Over more than a decade, I have created an in-depth site that is one of the internet’s premier sources of information on the subject of contests and sweepstakes. I’ve focused on understanding and addressing readers’ needs and had success in terms of page views, return visits to my site, search engine rankings, and other important metrics.

I’ve also spent many years as a volunteer to help other freelance writers succeed at

You can visit the Contests & Sweepstakes site to see my work for yourself.