About Sandra Grauschopf

Hi, there! My name’s Sandra Grauschopf and I’ve been working as a freelance professional for over a decade. I’m curious, ambitious, and detail-oriented, and I’ve built websites and communities that have been enormously successful for my clients.

Since May of 2007, I’ve been an expert for About.com/DotDash. I built their Contests and Sweepstakes section from the ground up, producing thousands of tips and articles and forming a dedicated community that loves to come to my site. My pages get millions of views every month.

Some of the skills I used to do this include:

  • Audience Research: I spent significant time researching my audience to understand who they are and what they need to know.
  • Content Development Planning: I use skills including keyword analysis, audience research, and analysis of my current articles to determine which articles to write and when.
  • Content Writing: Once I know what my audience needs, I craft content that breaks down complicated concepts into articles that are engaging, easy to understand, and fun to read.
  • Data Analysis: Writing great content isn’t enough. I also make sure that my writing is hitting the right notes, ranking in search engines, and resonating with readers. Google Analytics is my main tool to do this.
  • Newsletter Writing: To make sure my dedicated readers never miss the content they need, I created one of the most popular weekly newsletters on the About.com platform.
  • Blogging: I used expert WordPress skills to create an extremely popular blog that promoted my new articles, discussed current events in my topic, and encouraged reader engagement.
  • Community Management: I took a forum that had been filled with nothing but spam for years and turned it into the most popular forum on the About.com network of over 1,000 topics. I encouraged my readers to engage with my writing and with one another, building a passionate community.
  • Social Media Management: I used expert skills in social media management to expand my community on Facebook and Twitter, bringing in new readers and increasing loyalty among current readers.

Of course, that’s not all I’ve been doing. I’ve also:

  • Written freelance articles for HealthlineThe Billfold, AdventureGirl, and other media companies.
  • Written travel tips for Google’s Touringbird.
  • Consulted with top companies about sweepstakes strategies.
  • Been a keynote speaker at a sweepstakes convention.
  • Was the social media manager for SMILE, a food pantry that makes a major difference in the lives of underprivileged people in Southern Maryland.
  • And much more.

I’m also a contract copy-editor for RayWenderlich.com, one of the internet’s most trusted sources for programming tutorials. I’m very proud of my work to ensure that every tutorial meets house standards while being readable and enjoyable for professionals and beginners alike.

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